Neal & Danna’s Baker Beach DIY Proposal

When Neal shared his DIY proposal plan with me, I have to admit that I initially felt a mix of excitement and concern. The idea of a wooden arch, torches, candles, and flowers sounded lovely, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the potential challenges. What if setup took longer than expected? What if the setup didn’t hold up against the wind and waves on the beach? My mind was buzzing with “what ifs.”

But as preparation unfolded, it became clear that Neal had everything well in hand. When I arrived at the beach, he was already there, unloading his car and getting everything ready. His determination and resourcefulness impressed me, and with some help from family (though he was the driving force), the scene began to take shape beautifully.

For us, the best part was seeing and capturing Danna’s reaction to it all. Upon her arrival, she at first didn’t know what was going on, but of course, once she saw the trail of candles leading towards the arch where Neal was waiting for her, everything became clear and she lit up with anticipation. Upon walking over to meet him, Neal delivered a beautiful speech (we see a lot of proposals — and can definitely give this one a 10/10!), witnessed by a cheering group of their closest family & friends.

Congrats N&D on an incredible proposal. Check out the story below!