Amy & David’s San Francisco Waterfront Engagement Photos

Amy and David’s engagement session was relaxed, fun, and perhaps most of all, beautiful! We had initially planned on starting at Pier 7 and then heading over to Sutro Baths for sunset, but alas, the weather that day wasn’t meant to be. The fog over Richmond/Sunset remained thick through the afternoon, so we flipped our shoot around to start by the oceanside and catch sunset at the Embarcadero waterfront instead, where the sun was still peeking out over the clouds.

And it worked out really well! [ read more … ]

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Aditya & Labdhi’s Foggy San Francisco Proposal

Aditya’s proposal to Labdhi was to set be on the oceanside, on a little ledge with a picture-perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge. He had arranged quite a bit in advance for 30ish of their friends & family to hide in the nooks and crannies of the trails down below the spot where he would ask his girlfriend to be his forever. Even though the proposal wasn’t a total shock — she had known he was going to pop the question sooner or later — I think Labdhi was still quite surprised at the flower petals leading to the spot, the “Labdhi will you marry me” wooden signs decorated with flowers, and of course, the crowd that came out of the bushes to congratulate them afterwards.

Congrats to Aditya & Labdhi on their most beautifully foggy San Francisco proposal!

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Michael & Lexus’s Masked Surprise Proposal

COVID-19 has really put a hamper on going out and on travel in particular, but love doesn’t stop and love doesn’t wait. Last week, Michael brought Lexus down to this perfect Golden Gate Bridge vantage point to surprise her with the question. But before they made their way there, he smoothly got Lexus to hop on a video call so that her family could see it happen. In a true reflection of the times, in these photos below you’ll see them both wearing masks during the proposal, and Lexus holding her phone for the video call. One of my favorite things about this proposal, by the way, is how the mask covers Lexus’s face, but her emotion and joy have no trouble shining right through it. [ read more … ]

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Andrew & Christina’s Golden Gate Bridge Lookout Surprise Proposal

Andrew had a lot of sneaking around to do in order to keep this all a surprise — the day before proposing to his girlfriend Christina, he picked up the ring, drove out to ask for her parents’ permission, and even came by to drop off some champagne for us to bring along for them to celebrate after the proposal. It then all came together on a beautiful day, when the two of them went out for a stroll together along a trail in San Francisco, ending at this Golden Gate Bridge lookout where he popped the question and she (very excitedly) said yes. [ read more … ]

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Arpan & Noveen’s Surprise Proposal at the Wave Organ SF

About a week ago, Arpan brought Noveen over to the Wave Organ in SF under the ruse that they were going to meet a client. They had a nice little walk along the Bay to the end of the jetty, and when they got there, he had a very well-rehearsed speech ready. [ read more … ]

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