Best Golden Gate Bridge Proposal Locations

So you’ve decided to pop the question, and you want the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop for that big moment when you get engaged. Perhaps you’re visiting San Francisco and want one of the most iconic SF landmarks in your photos, or perhaps you’ve lived here all your life — and what better to symbolize that than the most “San Francisco” of all San Francisco things? [ read more … ]

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Best Places to Propose in San Francisco

Annie and I have had the honor to photograph 300+ surprise proposals in the San Francisco Bay Area at a ton of locations, ranging from the ever-popular to the individually-unique. Here’s our list of 10 best places to propose in San Francisco that do not include the Golden Gate Bridge (for those, see this page). If you’re planning to propose in our wonderful city, hopefully this will help or at least give you some ideas! [ read more … ]

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Silver the Husky at the Stanford Oval | Bay Area Pet Photography

Our friend Perry moved to the Bay Area from Seattle three months ago, and this was our first time meeting Silver the husky! We’ve seen so many adorable photos of her on Perry’s Facebook page so when Perry told us he wanted a photo session for Silver, David and I were thrilled!

We spent an hour at the Stanford Oval, and despite the many distractions from people throwing frisbees and kicking soccer balls, we managed to get many cute and silly shots of Silver.

Silver is a big cuddler and she gave me lots of kisses!! I’ve included a photo of me and her at the end. These are some of our favs, please enjoy!

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Portraits of Morgan the German Shepherd Dog | San Francisco Peninsula Pet Photographer

Here are a few photos of our very own silly German Shepherd wearing a Communist hat and catching a treat.

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