Vardhman & Aishwari’s Mori Point Cliffside Surprise Proposal

With some help from a group of their closest friends, Vardhman set up the perfect cliffside surprise proposal for his girlfriend Aishwari. Just before sunset, the group of friends set up a beautiful circular arbor, complete with flowers and even music, and hid in a corner for the couple to arrive. Vardhman and Aishwari arrived at the top of the Mori Point cliffside just as the evening sun was crossing the horizon [ read more … ]

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Brandon & Sabrina’s Proposal in the Berkeley Fire Trails

Brandon had been preparing for this moment for months — he envisioned his proposal to Sabrina to be perfectly set up, at the perfect location, and timed right at sunset. He was concerned about fog (it is the month of Fogust, after all), and to mitigate the risk, he chose a location up in the Berkeley fire trails. As luck would play out, it did end up being very foggy that day… but because of the great location choice, his proposal would happen well above that thick sea of fog down below, making an incredible scene. [ read more … ]

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Neal & Danna’s Baker Beach DIY Proposal

When Neal shared his DIY proposal plan with me, I have to admit that I initially felt a mix of excitement and concern. The idea of a wooden arch, torches, candles, and flowers sounded lovely, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the potential challenges. What if setup took longer than expected? What if the setup didn’t hold up against the wind and waves on the beach? My mind was buzzing with “what ifs.”

But as preparation unfolded, it became clear that Neal had everything well in hand. [ read more … ]

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Rolando & Violeta’s San Jose Rose Garden Surprise Proposal

After seven years, the time had finally come — time for Rolando to make a statement and give Violeta the marriage proposal of her dreams. He partnered with Something Special to put together the fabulous decor with a lit “MARRY ME” sign and beautiful roses in Violeta’s favorite color, orange, for his San Jose Rose Garden surprise proposal. [ read more … ]

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Amaritpal & Arsheen’s Heart-Shaped Proposal at the Palace of Fine Arts

Amaritpal surprised Arsheen on a sunny day last month with one of the most beautiful proposal displays I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing: a huge, free-standing heart made of red roses, with an aisle made of rose petals and rows of vases on either side. Under the golden hour evening sun, just the decor by itself was breathtaking, but of course what was really memorable was the proposal itself.

When the couple arrived, Amaritpal gave his touching yet lighthearted speech, recounting how he knew she was the one ever since he slid into her DMs [ read more … ]

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