Quincy & Kim’s Davenport Beach Cliffside Sunset Proposal

Quincy and Kim both love the ocean, and the coast is important to each of their lives individually and together as a couple. On one of their first dates years ago, they had visited an ocean bluff in Davenport together, a little bit off the beaten path and astoundingly beautiful! [ read more … ]

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Jack & Courtney’s Baker Beach Colorful Sunset Surprise Proposal

As Jack and Courtney walked along the shoreline of Baker Beach, breathing in the fresh ocean air, they enjoyed one of the most colorful sunsets in recent memory. The golden light shining over the ocean onto the Golden Gate Bridge [ read more … ]

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Emily & Jeff’s Montalvo Arts Center Wedding

Emily and Jeff’s wedding at the Montalvo Arts Center was an absolute joy to be a part of. Their love story began back at Duke (also David’s alma mater!) where they first met on orientation day but now joke about not really remembering each other at the time. After some long-distance dating, they moved in together on the east coast before eventually making their way back to California, where Emily grew up. They love to travel, and two years ago during a particularly memorable hike in Hawaii, Jeff proposed, which brings us to this next exciting stage of their story!

Their wedding day kicked off with a first look up in the hiking trails at Montalvo [ read more … ]

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Anthony & Kamila’s Wedding at the Golden Gate Club

“Falling for you wasn’t like falling at all — it was walking into a house and finally feeling like I was home.”

Anthony and Kamila’s wedding at the Golden Gate Club was one of the most beautiful, emotional, and touching weddings we’ve ever had the honor to document. [ read more … ]

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Justyn & Cindy’s Marriage Proposal at Ina Coolbrith Park

The day before their anniversary, Justyn & Cindy made the short trek to the top of Ina Coolbrith Park, where a delightful view of the San Francisco skyline awaited them. More importantly, a big surprise was in store for Cindy [ read more … ]

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