Marriage Proposal Photography

You’ve been planning for this moment for months. You’ve picked a ring, a place, and planned out how you’ll ask the big question. Or maybe you haven't figured out all the details, but you know you want it to be a surprise and that you want to capture every second forever. As professional proposal photographers, we know how much your proposal means to you both, and we’ll help you through the process.

How the event plays out is up to you: we can conceal ourselves near the proposal site in advance and remain hidden until you’re ready to get down on one knee; we can follow you around first and sneak some pics from afar, paparazzi-style, while posing as tourists, then spring into action as you start to pop the question; or if you’re feeling bold, you can even get one last photo of your still-unsuspecting other half by “bumping into” us and asking, “Hey, you guys look like photographers... would you mind using my phone to take a photo of us two?”

As two of the most experienced proposal photographers in the Bay Area, we’ll be sure to capture your proposal just the way you envision it. When you hire us, you know exactly who you’re getting (that means Annie or David, not an associate, will be your lead photographer), and you can be sure that the resulting photos will show the quality and consistency that we’re known for. A marriage proposal can’t be recreated — and our careful planning, extensive experience, and steady hands ensure that we capture those important yet brief moments consistently, beautifully, and without fail.

While we show some selected highlights in the gallery above, we encourage you to browse into a few of the 85+ proposals on our blog to see how we artfully tell the story of each unique proposal.

With our experience, we’ll help you set up the perfect surprise engagement and capture it all.

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All packages include:

Same-night Sneak Peek
You’ll receive 1-2 photos the same night
Private Online Gallery
We'll give you a private online gallery for you to view & share
Individually-edited Photos
Annie & David individually edit and tweak every one of your photos
Expert, personal guidance
Personal attention, guidance, and advice from proposal photography experts



  • Up to 15 minutes of stealthy photos before proposal
  • Photos of the big moment
  • 5 minutes of portraits following proposal*
  • 1 photographer
  • 15+ photos


  • Up to 15 minutes of stealthy photos before proposal
  • Photos of the big moment
  • 30 minutes of portraits following proposal*
  • 2 photographers
  • 25+ photos

*The portraits are similar to our engagement photo session, but offered at a discounted rate since it comes as part of your proposal package.

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