Neal & Danna’s Baker Beach DIY Proposal

When Neal shared his DIY proposal plan with me, I have to admit that I initially felt a mix of excitement and concern. The idea of a wooden arch, torches, candles, and flowers sounded lovely, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the potential challenges. What if setup took longer than expected? What if the setup didn’t hold up against the wind and waves on the beach? My mind was buzzing with “what ifs.”

But as preparation unfolded, it became clear that Neal had everything well in hand. [ read more … ]

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Kevin & Masumi’s Golden Gate Bridge Marriage Proposal

One week ago, we had the joy of capturing Kevin & Masumi’s exciting marriage proposal at the Batteries to Bluffs Trail. With the stunning backdrop of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge behind them, their special moment unfolded along the ocean bluffs above Marshalls Beach. [ read more … ]

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Austin & Jessi’s SF Mountaintop Sunset Surprise Proposal

Absolutely incredible, totally epic, truly once-in-a-lifetime — that’s what comes to my mind when I look back on Austin and Jessi’s SF sunset surprise proposal, up on a secluded mountaintop, with this amazing view of the evening fog blanketing the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. [ read more … ]

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Renzo & Joseph’s Epic Golden Gate Bridge Surprise Proposal

“Karl the Fog” is a fickle beast, though perhaps a generous one at times: on the evening of Renzo and Joseph’s proposal, he decided to roll into the city like a low, cottony blanket, gently covering the slopes and curves of the Bay inlet. While visibility near ground level was nearly zero, the top of Slackers Hill was just high enough to peek over the low-lying fog, revealing an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime view of the Golden Gate Bridge poking up through the fog, with the city far away in the distance beyond.

It was at the peak of Slackers Hill that Renzo presented Joseph with this epic Golden Gate Bridge surprise proposal. [ read more … ]

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Audrey & Noah’s Crissy Field Reverse Proposal

Audrey and Noah were technically already engaged — he had already proposed to her a few months ago, and she of course didn’t hesitate to say yes — but Audrey wanted to make their engagement an extra special one by surprising him back. So she came up with a very romantic plan and put it into motion. After preparing some supplies for the surprise, we quietly met up after work one evening at the Crissy Field beach to set up her reverse proposal. [ read more … ]

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