Lauren & Jeff’s B.R. Cohn Wedding in Glen Ellen

We’ve waited almost a year and a half for Lauren & Jeff’s B.R. Cohn wedding, and if we were in love with their engagement photos last fall, then we’re absolutely over the moon with everything about their wedding day. This was one of those weddings where we not only really enjoyed ourselves from behind the lens during all the action, but we constantly find ourselves smiling again and again, every time we look at their photos or think back to their wedding day.

If I had to describe the kind of couple we absolutely adore, I think it would pretty much be Jeff and Lauren: mostly cool and collected, yet excitedly in love and super lively together. Now combine them with B.R. Cohn Winery and its gorgeously-lit vineyards, and you can see why we’re practically jumping up and down in excitement at the result.

I don’t think it really needs to be said how much we loved the way these photos came out — the light was just perfect all day, and of course especially for the sunset photos, so I’ll just let you browse the photos to see that. Perhaps what we enjoyed more are the special little moments of the day, like Jeff’s double-fist-pump after seeing his bride for their first look, the adorable ring bearer pulling the baby flower girl in the most adorable wooden wagon, and during the reception, the maid of honor’s 10-page speech booklet flying open in the wind.

Congrats to Jeff and Lauren… especially Jeff, since your million “can I keep you”s to Lauren have finally been put to rest 🙂