Lydia & Jessenia’s San Francisco Basketball Court Surprise Proposal

We often get asked for advice on good locations for a picturesque surprise proposal, especially for clients coming from out of town. Luckily, Lydia didn’t ask for my help — because, even after all these years of photographing couples and proposals, I definitely wouldn’t have thought to suggest a basketball court surprise proposal. But I can’t imagine a single thing that could have made this a more perfect afternoon for the two of them!

Perched atop Russian Hill, the Alice Marble Tennis Courts have an amazing view of San Francisco, the Bay, and even the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s amazing this place isn’t constantly packed, but I digress; more importantly than the aesthetic value of the spot, the courts have a personal meaning to Lydia & Jessenia, and that’s what really makes the story special to us.

After arriving at the basketball section of the courts, they shot a few hoops together under the glowing San Francisco sunset. (Do you see the shoes J’s wearing? Yeah, those didn’t slow her down one bit.) After making a few baskets, she proposed right at the free throw line, and you can see their ensuing joy and excitement below. Congrats to L&J!