Chris & Narie’s Lovers’ Lane Surprise Proposal with Cute Setup

Chris really went all the way with the thought and planning that went into his Lovers’ Lane surprise proposal. He had concocted an elaborate story going back several weeks to cover up his real plan, and had even created a Google Sheet with the play-by-play. (My favorite play in the playbook is: “BAM. This is where I trick her into marrying me.”) For the actual moment, he’d also picked out some props and decorations — lanterns, light-up “MARRY ME” letters, and rose petals — that were simple yet really added a nice touch to the whole event.

On the big day, we (the two photographers-turned-setup-crew) got there a bit early and set up everything to look perfect, then quietly hid in the trees and waited for Chris & Narie to arrive. As Narie walked down the trail and saw the blanket, she began to realize that they perhaps were not actually on a walk in the woods to kill time before their “delayed brunch reservation,” and that Chris probably had something else in mind. What follows is best described in photos & video, but I’ll just say the whole thing was super sweet and I must have watched the video a hundred times already and am still smiling even as I’m writing this.

But that’s not all! Chris had another surprise. After the proposal, we headed across the Golden Gate Bridge up to Battery Spencer, supposedly for a few more photos. Well, we did take more photos, but in fact, there was a whole group of friends, along with their dogs, waiting to congratulate them!

Congrats Chris & Narie!!