Darius & Megan | San Francisco Skyline Treasure Island Surprise Engagement

After a delicious anniversary dinner in the city, Darius brought Megan to Treasure Island, which he “heard” was an excellent spot to watch the San Francisco sunset. Not coincidentally, there was also a picnic blanket complete with wine, two glasses, and rose petals scattered all around… and a very special photo book that he had made for the occasion.

If you were wondering, Treasure Island really is the perfect spot to watch the sun set over San Francisco: it’s easy to get to, usually empty, and has perhaps the absolute best view of the San Francisco skyline. The nice walking path by the shores of the San Francisco Bay isn’t bad either!

As the couple sat down, Megan started flipping through the photo book, and as she got to the end, Darius pulled out a very shiny ring out of a flat box (clever — ­easy to hide!) and asked the question. Although there was a slight balance mishap (you can see a bit of wobble in one of the photos below 😀 ), Megan of course eagerly said YES!

Take a look at these precious photos, and congratulations to D&M!