Anna & Etan’s San Francisco Baker Beach Engagement Photos

Anna & Etan just got engaged — and she was so excited that one of the first things she did was scheduling an engagement photo shoot! We had our session just two weeks after she said yes, and the love and excitement between them made this a really wonderful afternoon. [ read more … ]

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Benson & Ziwei’s San Francisco City Hall and Legion of Honor Pre-Wedding Photos

Ziwei & Benson are planning on having their wedding in Taiwan, and decided to do a pre-wedding photoshoot a few weeks ago at a few of my favorite spots in San Francisco: City Hall, Legion of Honor, and Sutro Baths. It’s a great mix of man-made and nature [ read more … ]

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Brian & Ashlea’s Sutro Baths Proposal Photos | San Francisco Proposal Photographer

Sutro Baths is, by far, our most popular location for engagement photos. But not so much for proposals, and for good reason — logistically it’s quite a bit more complicated than other San Francisco locations, and while that’s not really an issue with normal photo shoots, surprise proposals are special in that we can’t interact with our couple and guide them.

So I was nervously excited when I talked with Brian [ read more … ]

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Dennis & Christine | Engagement Photos at the Lands End Beach

Dennis & Christine met seven years ago, and their story quickly grew together. Once they knew they had each found the one, Dennis asked Christine’s parents for their blessing, then waited patiently until he had just the right opportunity. (Perhaps it’s more correct to say that Christine waited very patiently for Dennis to finally find that opportunity.) In the end, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect proposal than where he ended up popping the question three years later: on a hike, overlooking the Banff ice fields, at sunset. That’s top-of-bucket-list material for photographers like us!

Back home in California, for their engagement session, we started at the Legion of Honor, and then made the quick drive over to Sutro Baths to catch sunset on the beach. [ read more … ]

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JJ & Alex’s San Francisco Golden Hour Engagement Photos

We met JJ & Alex a few months ago, and we loved these two instantly! They’re both outwardly a little bit shy — in a very cute and endearing way 🙂 But you sure wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at their expressions and movement in these photos! [ read more … ]

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