Amanda & Brandon’s Engagement Photos with Diesel the German Shepherd

Amanda and Brandon met up with us for their engagement photo shoot in San Francisco by the ocean. Her long blue dress worked perfectly in the ocean breeze and the colorful sunset sky, but of course more important is Amanda & Brandon’s love for each other. And I loved that they were able to goof around with each other a bit too. They sure warmed up an otherwise cold San Francisco day!

This shoot was made a little more special by their German Shepherd, Diesel. For most of the shoot, he didn’t want to leave his parents’ side. When we wanted to get photos of Amanda & Brandon alone without him, he would pull on the leash and whimper, as if his parents were in danger and in imminent need of his rescue… it was super cute. At the end of the shoot, he seemed content in seeing that his parents were safe, and he ran off into the bushes to very proudly fetch a huge stick three times his length.

Sometimes, our clients ask if it’s ok to bring along their dogs for a photo shoot. Yes, the answer is always yes! Brandon and Amanda look wonderful in these photos below without Diesel… but I am definitely happy we also got some photos of the whole family all together! Personally, we have a real soft spot for dogs, and GSDs in particular — a very sweet and silly (but maybe not as bright) one found her way into our family ten years ago, and she actually looked a lot like Diesel. So in a way, I find these photos extra special and endearing.

We can’t wait to see the three of them at the wedding this fall 🙂