Jess & Jason’s Cozy Lifestyle Engagement Photo Session

Cozy, lifestyle engagement photos are some of my favorite, because each one is so very personal and unique. Jess & Jason chose to have their engagement session in the comfort and familiarity of their beautiful San Francisco home, doing all the things they love. You’ll see them making coffee together, sharing a snack, and playing Mario Kart and Smash (the size of Jess’s smile should tell you who’s winning!). These are the most real scenes, the ones that happen every day, and it made me really happy to be able to freeze these moments in time for Jess & Jason.

Of course, we couldn’t give up going out for sunset! San Francisco has some of the most beautiful sunset colors, especially along the coast (well… at least when Karl the Fog isn’t covering everything up), so we drove out to Sutro Baths to catch the evening light. I’m just in love with how these photos are coming out — and with the sweet couple! Time is creeping by quickly… barely two months to go before their wedding day, and we can’t wait!