Urmil & Janet | San Jose Backyard Night Light Proposal

It’s rare that we meet our couples in person before a surprise proposal… and for obvious reasons, we almost never meet the proposee. But not this time — we met both Urmil and Janet just a month before their proposal! We were all up in Point Reyes for their friends Huy and Vivian’s proposal, and Urmil & Janet were both in on the secret plan that day. (You can see them in the group photo at the end!) Little did Janet know that roles would reverse soon… [ read more … ]

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Bob & Kristin | Whimsical Enchanting Garden Nighttime Surprise Proposal

Bob got in touch with me late last year for his upcoming proposal. He had a vision of a nighttime surprise proposal in the backyard of the house he and Kristin had recently bought, and he even sent over inspiration photos and a detailed document showing and describing how the setup would look. I was super excited to capture this moment for the two of them, and his plan finally came to fruition last weekend.

With the help of a wonderful lighting & decor crew, Bob had set up his backyard to look absolutely stunning. We thought his original vision was great, but the real thing was 10x better! [ read more … ]

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Jenni & Andrew | St. Helena Private Estate & Vineyard Wedding

It was five years ago when the first chapter of what would become a sweet love story was written. Through family and mutual friends, Jenni and Andrew first met near Chappellet Vineyard, and since then, the pair formed a bond that only grew closer with time.

We absolutely loved having the privilege of taking this adoring couple’s wedding photos, and we could most definitely sense the tender bond between them! Stunning in her figure-hugging wedding dress, Jenni stole the show, while hubby Andrew looked quite handsome in his cool gray suit and festive coral tie. The beautiful classic watch that she surprised him with, engraved along the inside with their wedding date, really completed the look! [ read more … ]

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Jessica & Mike’s Saratoga Springs Outdoor Wedding

I think I can summarize Jessica & Mike’s wedding with one short story: After I finished with the girls’ getting ready photos, I told David “I’ve been laughing so hard that my cheeks hurt!” — and David replied, “same with me and the guys!” Like our bride & groom, the entire wedding party was a super fun group that we just couldn’t help but fall in love with. We loved seeing all the guests, and even the kids, having a blast. [ read more … ]

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Anne & Zach | St. Anselm Church and Deer Park Villa Wedding

Anne and Zach got married at the St. Anselm Church in Marin County, where Zach grew up. The two currently live in LA and flew in for their wedding, so the entire week was full of celebration! We can only imagine how fun the week must have been because Anne & Zach, along with their family and friends, sure knew how to party! Everyone we met at the wedding was a lot of fun, and once we got to the reception at Deer Park Villa, they all showed off their great dancing skills! [ read more … ]

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