Bob & Kristin | Whimsical Enchanting Garden Nighttime Surprise Proposal

Bob got in touch with me late last year for his upcoming proposal. He had a vision of a nighttime surprise proposal in the backyard of the house he and Kristin had recently bought, and he even sent over inspiration photos and a detailed document showing and describing how the setup would look. I was super excited to capture this moment for the two of them, and his plan finally came to fruition last weekend.

With the help of a wonderful lighting & decor crew, Bob had set up his backyard to look absolutely stunning. We thought his original vision was great, but the real thing was 10x better! So on the night of the proposal, we slipped into Bob & Kristin’s backyard while they were out at dinner, and quietly waiting for their return.

We liked a lot of things about this very special proposal, but one of our favorite little details was Bob stopping by Home Depot on the way home to pick up some black rubber tiles. (I don’t even know what they’re really called.) Upon their arrival back at home, he told Kristin he had a little surprise for her, then ran into the backyard ahead of her and laid out the tiles on the lawn — so that her heels wouldn’t sink into the grass. How thoughtful is that!?

You can see what unfolded next in the photos below. Bob & Kristin’s proposal was beautiful far beyond the elaborate setup and decor, and it’s one we’ll be thinking of for a long time!