Anne & Zach | St. Anselm Church and Deer Park Villa Wedding

Anne and Zach got married at the St. Anselm Church in Marin County, where Zach grew up. The two currently live in LA and flew in for their wedding, so the entire week was full of celebration! We can only imagine how fun the week must have been because Anne & Zach, along with their family and friends, sure knew how to party! Everyone we met at the wedding was a lot of fun, and once we got to the reception at Deer Park Villa, they all showed off their great dancing skills!

A&Z incorporated some Filipino customs into their wedding including an arrhae, a box of 13 coins, and a “coins, candles, veil, and cord” ceremony. Anne’s mother made the veil and cord, meant to bless the couple with union and everlasting love. How neat! Join me in congratulating Anne & Zach, and enjoy their photos below!