Urmil & Janet | San Jose Backyard Night Light Proposal

It’s rare that we meet our couples in person before a surprise proposal… and for obvious reasons, we almost never meet the proposee. But not this time — we met both Urmil and Janet just a month before their proposal! We were all up in Point Reyes for their friends Huy and Vivian’s proposal, and Urmil & Janet were both in on the secret plan that day. (You can see them in the group photo at the end!) Little did Janet know that roles would reverse soon…

One night, a few of Janet’s friends took her out while Urmil and the boys were having a “barbecue” at home. In reality, everyone was scrambling to set up lights and decorations and readying everything for the big reveal! When Janet got home, she headed out to the backyard to look for the barbecue, and in a flash, all the lights turned on.

You can see the rest of this story in the photos below 🙂 Congrats to Urmil & Janet (and Copper, the cutest Golden ever), and a huge thanks to all of the wonderful friends who helped out!