Vardhman & Aishwari’s Mori Point Cliffside Surprise Proposal

With some help from a group of their closest friends, Vardhman set up the perfect cliffside surprise proposal for his girlfriend Aishwari. Just before sunset, the group of friends set up a beautiful circular arbor, complete with flowers and even music, and hid in a corner for the couple to arrive. Vardhman and Aishwari arrived at the top of the Mori Point cliffside just as the evening sun was crossing the horizon, and under the golden glow of sunset, he asked her to marry him.

Aishwari was so surprised and happy that I don’t think she actually said yes… at least not with words. But there was no need — her expression said it all 🙂 We captured both photo and video for this touching moment and put together a little highlight film to tell the story. Take a look below — and congrats, V&A!