Nihil & Alisha’s SF Russian Hill Rooftop Surprise Proposal

Nihil put a lot of planning into his proposal to Alisha. He had thought out every little detail, from the decor and setup all the way down to the color of Alisha’s dress. In fact, his story was that his friend, a coworker, would bring Alisha to this rooftop at Russian Hill for a company event — and she was to wear white, one of the company colors. Clever! By the time she made it up the stairs, she had gained a bit of inkling (okay, maybe a liiiitle more than an inkling) of what was to come, but nonetheless was still over the moon when she saw the display Nihil had prepared.

After taking it all in for a moment, Nihil delivered an eloquent and very well-rehearsed speech to ask Alisha to marry him. And she said yes! Take a look below at this incredible rooftop surprise proposal with a panoramic view of Russian Hill — captured in both photo and video!