Arun & Madhu’s Legion of Honor Lawn Engagement Proposal

As the place where they first met and the home of their blossoming relationship, San Francisco was always going to be a special city for Arun and Madhu. And now it’ll forever be even more so, as Arun decided to cement the next stage of their life together at the Legion of Honor, one of Madhu’s favorite places in SF.

On the big day, Arun arrived early to the Legion of Honor lawn to set up a beautiful photo display depicting their journey together, along with some beautiful flowers (with the help of a florist) to set the atmosphere. We had worked with him on timing for the best light, so as the evening sun was turning a golden yellow, right on cue, a friend drove Madhu over to the entrance of the Legion of Honor where Arun was waiting. Although by that time the proposal itself was no longer a surprise, Madhu was probably not expecting such an amazing and thoughtful display! They took a trip down memory lane together as Arun led her through the photos, and when it came time for the actual question she of course said yes 🙂

Congrats to Arun and Madhu on a perfect engagement!