T&T’s Amazing Rainy Proposal at Lovers’ Lane

Sometimes, the weather just doesn’t play along… and maybe that’s a good thing. T&T’s amazing rainy proposal (it was both an amazing proposal and amazingly rainy) happened to be on one of those days. T had been planning this for months with the secret help of one of their friends, and with their travel plans and all the moving pieces, it had to be this day, rain or shine. He was going to put a ring on her this particular morning no matter what the sky sent down!

A few years back, T&T had spent a large portion of the pandemic driving and adventuring around the country, with several months of that in California. One sight they didn’t get the chance to see, however, was a redwood forest. So after mulling it over, he decided that Muir Woods would be the place to complete their California story, and early in the morning, we all (separately) headed to the park, reservations in hand… only to arrive and find that the park had closed before it had even opened prior due to the severity of the wind and rain.

It was time to pivot to plan B! Since I had arrived first, I quickly texted him an update, and we rerouted to Lovers’ Lane in the Presidio. If we couldn’t get into the closest redwood forest, we’ll at least get the best woods in San Francisco. Plus, one upside of stormy weather is that the area would be totally empty!

I still don’t know what their friend Lindsey said to non-suspiciously steer the group to take a walk at a second rainy outdoor area after the first one closed, but it worked. They walked towards the tree tunnel where we had already gotten ready to capture the moment, and about halfway down the trail, he got down on one knee and asked the big question. I’ll let the photos tell the story of what happened next!

As a side note, one thing I’ve learned about changes in plans is that regardless of whether reality ends up better, worse, or just plain sideways from the original vision, they invariably end up making the result that much more unique and memorable.

And isn’t that what moments like this are all about?