Derek & Kathy’s Beautiful, Rainy Surprise Proposal

January 2023 was an epic month of record-breaking rainfall in California. Despite storm after storm bringing us pouring rain and gale-force winds from across the seas, Derek was unfazed — this proposal was going to happen, rain or shine. Although originally Derek had intended to propose elsewhere in the city with an open view, ultimately it was simply raining too hard, and we rerouted to the Palace of Fine Arts, which offers a sizable covered area with a beautiful backdrop and surroundings. [ read more … ]

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Jordan & Olivia’s Cupid’s Span Surprise Proposal

A little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop this Cupid’s Span surprise proposal. Jordan and Olivia walked along The Embarcadero together just before dinner, and as they paused to share a moment at Rincon Park, he dropped to one knee and popped the question. [ read more … ]

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Michael & Kemmerley | Palace of Fine Arts Surprise Proposal

After planning a getaway to San Francisco and Napa for himself and his girlfriend, Michael contacted us to set up a surprise photo shoot for his proposal at the Palace of Fine Arts, one of the most beautiful and iconic landmarks in the city. When the day came, we checked the forecast and it was supposed to rain all day, so we actually loaded up the car with some lights and rain gear to make some cool photos in the rain.

Luck was on their side, however, as the rain paused just long enough for a romantic stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts and for her to give a joyful, enthusiastic “YES!” [ read more … ]

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