Sean & Greta’s Surprise Proposal at the St. Francis Yacht Club

Sean planned out an absolutely perfect afternoon for Greta: first, they’d take a nice walk along the Bay, down a path that they had walked together in the past, and he’d surprise her with a proposal right by the St. Francis Yacht Club. As you can see in the photos below, this was a beautiful moment between the two of them, with the warm afternoon sun shining down from behind.

But that’s not all! Another surprise was just around the corner. As we finished up photos near the proposal spot, we walked over to the yacht club to meet Captain Glenn, who was waiting to take them to the part two — a romantic evening on a yacht! We walked over to the marina, where a small transfer boat was waiting to take them to the yacht, and we waved to say our goodbyes.

Congrats Sean & Greta on this unforgettable evening!