Ari & Anna’s Rodeo Beach Trail Surprise Proposal

While headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to go sailing with their friends, Ari received a call from one of them — unfortunately, he relayed, their departure was delayed for an hour, so they’d have to find something else to do to burn some time. (This was, of course, all part of the plan… unbeknownst to Anna.) Conveniently, that was the perfect amount of time for them to take a short hike up into the Rodeo Beach trails, and just as Ari had secretly planned, they stopped to take in the view at a beautiful cliffside overlook. This was not just a scenic place, but also a sentimental one: it’s where the two had previously shared one of their first dates together years ago, and to close the circle, Ari took this opportunity to hold Anna’s hands and ask the big question. And of course, she said yes!

But that wasn’t all. After taking a few more photos there, we said our goodbyes and quickly made our way to their sailboat, where they actually were going sailing later in the day. Little did Anna know, a large group of friends had already hidden inside to celebrate with them, and we were there to capture those wonderful moments as well. Congrats to A&A, and check out a few of the highlights below!