Kristen & Mark’s Sailboat Engagement Photos at Coyote Point Marina | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

A few days before their engagement session, Kristen and Mark emailed us and requested a change of plans — instead of shooting in the city, they wanted to have their engagement photos taken on a sailboat that they just bought. David and I said to ourselves, “OMG yes please!!!” We’ve always wanted to shoot some romantic and fun photos on the water, and a sailboat is such an ideal spot! The water at the Coyote Point Marina was calm and serene, the weather was clear, and the sun was golden. Kristen and Mark couldn’t have picked a better spot, and more importantly, they as a couple turned this session into perfection! They way they looked at each other and made each other smile and laugh was memorably cute. They’re such a great match! [ read more … ]

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