Jeff & Kathleen’s Treasure Island Proposal + Surprise Celebration

As photographers, we’ve witnessed countless love stories unfold before our cameras. Each one holds its own unique charm and beauty, but there are some proposals that truly stand out, forever taking a spot in our collection of fondest memories. Jeff and Kathleen’s recent Treasure Island proposal was undoubtedly one such extraordinary moment, filled with meticulous planning, heartfelt surprises, and overwhelming joy.

Jeff, the mastermind behind this magical occasion, had carefully orchestrated every detail. He knew that this day had to be perfect for his beloved Kathleen, and with their home city’s breathtaking views as their backdrop, he set his plan into motion. Mersea at Treasure Island was the chosen spot, where Jeff and Kathleen were supposed to rendezvous with their friends that afternoon. Little did Kathleen know that their friends’ “lateness” was a cleverly-designed ruse for them to have some undisturbed time together, which Jeff would use to bring them over by the water.

And then, all according to plan, a solo guitarist emerged from the distance, serenading the air with Kathleen’s favorite songs as they took in the San Francisco skyline view together. The melodies grew louder with every step the musician took, and as the crescendo of the tune grew to its peak, Jeff knelt down before Kathleen, asking the long-awaited question that of course she very excitedly answered yes to.

After enjoying a drink together at Treasure Island, the two headed home to their cozy San Francisco condo. Although Kathleen thought they were just stopping by momentarily to pick up a jacket before dinner, their families had already secretly assembled hours prior for a surprise celebration of their engagement. They had adorned the space with enchanting decorations and even a custom bottle of champagne to mark this milestone, and everyone lay in wait to surprise Kathleen as she returned home.

And, well, it went exactly as well as anyone could have hoped! We feel incredibly privileged to have witnessed these moments and couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to share this celebration with. There are looooots of photos from this day, but here are a few highlights!