Aaron & Florida’s Marshalls Beach “Marry Me” Sign Proposal

We recently had the privilege of capturing a truly unforgettable moment. Several months ago, Aaron sought our help in choosing a picturesque location to propose to his girlfriend Florida, and of the many great spots in San Francisco, he ended up choosing Marshalls Beach — beautiful, scenic, and secluded. Last week, the plan went into action!

Before they arrived, two friends had set up “marry me” letters and flowers that, being too big to bring onboard the plane, they had carefully hand-crafted the night before. However, a big wave washed them away just moments before their arrival! Undeterred, the friends raced into the ocean, scooped up the letters, and set them up again just in time for A&F’s arrival at the beach. With our cameras ready, we documented Aaron’s heartfelt proposal in both photos and video. Take a look below to enjoy this beautiful moment!