Trent & Jeryn’s Baker Beach Surprise Proposal with Cute Puppy

Proposals (and photo shoots in general) with dogs have always been super exciting and fun for me. And I think Cooper, the cute pup you’ll see below, felt the same way! As soon as he walked onto the beach, it was like he had found freedom, and he ran around enjoying the expansive stretch of sand at Baker Beach. Trent, for his part, had been planning this surprise for months — not just the proposal moment itself, but also memorable events for the rest of the day — and his girlfriend Jeryn and their dog Cooper were unknowingly along for an amazing ride.

2023 has been the year of rain in California, and it rained the whole night before the proposal. Trent was ready to propose rain or shine, but luckily, the skies did clear up just before the big moment! After a short walk towards the Golden Gate Bridge, Trent knelt down with the ring and asked the question, and he and Jeryn were both very excited to be engaged. You can definitely see it in her reaction! I also thought it was pretty sweet how Cooper was happily running around a lot before and after the proposal, but he knew something big was happening and stayed glued to his parents for the proposal. Super cute!