Christine & Amos’s St. Colman’s Outdoor Church + Chateau de Ninis Wedding in Sonoma

Fully two years have gone by since we had the joy of capturing Amos & Christine’s engagement up in Calistoga, and now, we’re excited to be sharing a few highlights from their Sonoma wedding. Their ceremony was deep in the redwoods at St. Colman’s Outdoor Catholic Church, which is a beautiful location and is (to my knowledge) the only outdoor church in California. It’s the uniquely perfect intersection of gorgeous outdoor venue and Catholic ceremony. Afterwards, everyone headed south to their Chateau de Ninis wedding reception. This estate is truly one of a kind. With an elegant mansion perched atop a hill overlooking acres of Sonoma vineyards and hills, an infinity pool, and a grand outdoor pavilion, it’s probably the classiest place we’ve ever seen for hosting a small intimate wedding.

For us, the best part about photographing this wedding was that it felt like a little reunion — aside from the bride & groom of course, we also saw Amos’s brother Tomas and his now-wife Marta, whom we had also met a couple years ago during their proposal. It’s a wonderful experience to spend a day of celebration with such a lively, colorful couple, and Christine and Amos were just as vivacious as ever. We had one heck of a good time dancing in front of the chateau, taking warm sunset portraits, and creating some unique night photos, as well as of course capturing all the wedding moments and memories throughout the day. Take a look at the photos below and see what I mean!