Amos & Christine’s Lakeside Napa Winery Surprise Proposal

I could be fooled if you had told me these photos were taken in the French countryside: a dashing young man, arm-in-arm with his lovely girlfriend in her sun dress, walking by a quiet lake surrounded by grapevines in every direction. Amos and Christine had started their day off with a romantic hot air balloon ride before arriving at the beautiful Diamond Creek Vineyards. After a round of wine tasting, their host Mark drove them in a golf cart to the lake, where they would take a quick walk… but not before Amos sent an update to his family group chat — see the first photo below 😀

At the end of their walk, Amos finished the speech he had prepared by bringing out the ring and asking Christine to marry him. And she said “yes!” of course! We had a ton of fun taking photos around the property with them afterwards, and it was especially amusing to hear Christine describe the little hints she picked up on in the weeks leading up to the proposal and then Amos making his “oh noooooo” face about a hundred times. It was all in good fun, of course. The whole thing was super romantic and we could tell Christine was definitely the happiest person on the planet that day.

Congrats to this happy couple and take a look at their Napa winery surprise proposal below!