Jayme & Nicole’s Surprise Proposal at Lovers’ Lane

Jayme is very much a planner — in fact, we were in touch more than a month before her proposal to talk about locations and ideas, and after deciding on the ideal spot, she even scouted it out just to make sure it was the perfect place. On the big day, she and her girlfriend Nicole arrived exactly on time, neatly dressed, and walked over to the spot that will now be a special one to them forever.

As usual, we photographed the proposal from far enough away that we couldn’t hear the words being exchanged… but we could definitely see it in Nicole’s eyes. She was overjoyed, and her reaction was super precious, as you’ll see below. And in this romantic wooded setting with golden light pouring in through the trees… what a scene! Check out a few of the photos of this happy couple’s surprise proposal at Lovers’ Lane!