Hammad & Sonia’s Proposal on the Sand Dunes at Ocean Beach

After seven years together, Hammad decided it was time to pop the question — he would ask the love of his life to marry him and to spend the rest of their lives together. After mulling over possible locations for the big moment, he decided on surprising his girlfriend Sonia with a proposal on the sand dunes at Ocean Beach. To ensure that this moment would be picture-perfect, he went and scouted out the spot a few days before the big day, even taking photos and recording a video of the route to reach the perfect spot.

When the day came, I was sure I’d easily find the right spot. After all, I knew the beach and could simply follow the steps Hammad had recorded in the video he sent me. But no… we had forgotten to account for the winds! The sand dunes looked completely different than just a few days prior, and even when Hammad and Sonia got there a little while later, he couldn’t find the spot either! So, he just picked a spot like it, and we hid in the many bushes until the time came.

Even though we never did figure out if the spot was exactly the one in the plan, the photos ended up being even better than I was hoping for — and most importantly, both of them (especially Sonia!) look (and were!) so so happy. Congrats to H&S, and take a look at a few of the photos below!