Milind & Aarohi’s Foggy Marin Headlands Proposal and Private Dinner

Milind’s proposal to Aarohi was as special as it was elaborate. After looking through a myriad of spots around San Francisco and even physically scouting them out, Milind decided he would propose up at Slackers Hill, one of the most scenic spots in the Bay Area and perhaps our favorite. He then spent weeks assembling the perfect team to set up a private dinner for Aarohi right afterwards, as a special second surprise. Although he wasn’t planning for a foggy Marin Headlands proposal, the winds had their own plans — smoke blew in from the Yolo County fires, and combined with our ever-present friend Karl the Fog, meant the skies were quite gray that day.

It was actually oddly serene up at the top of the hill. Okay, it may have been a little windy… but there wasn’t another soul for what felt like miles, and in the thick fog there was Milind, there was Aarohi, and there was just the two of them sharing one intimate moment together. He got down on one knee, brought out a book that he had made for her, flipped through it with her, and then asked her to marry him. These proposal moments, to me, are all about feeling — and there was no shortage of that in these few minutes.

After Aarohi very excitedly said yes, we drove further along the Marin Headlands for a few more photos. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we drove out of the fog and, amazingly, had a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco! We took full advantage of the dramatic skies and beautiful views for some portraits of the newly-engaged couple and said goodbye…

…until five minutes later, when we met again for the second surprise! Milind had arranged for a private dinner for the two of them in a beautiful spot, and they enjoyed an unforgettable meal with many courses, prepared by the amazing Chef Alex.

We’re so happy for M&A, and are really glad we were able to capture these memories for them. Take a look at this story below!