Mario & Holly | San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Foggy Surprise Proposal

We’ve just had the wackiest weather the past few weeks — that’s why we call this month Fogust! Mario knew he wanted to propose atop Slackers Hill, which overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and much of the Bay, but scheduling was a bit tricky. In clearer months, watching the sunset would be beautiful and romantic up at the top, but after following the weather for a few days, a good sunset just didn’t seem destined to happen that week.

Instead, we were granted a one-of-a-kind view: we watched from high up as a soft, white blanket of fog covered the city and the bridge. Because we were up above the fog, the top of the Golden Gate Bridge was visible, and the downtown city skyline peeked up above the fog as if they were floating on clouds in the sky.

I’m sure Holly was thinking “where are we going??” during the tiring hike up, but the joy on her face told us it was more than worth it. I’m so glad Mario put a lot of thought into choosing such a great spot to propose, and they arrived just in time for an absolutely breathtaking view. I’m so happy for both of them!

As a side note, this incredible, unique sight has actually been on my bucket list for a long time — so I guess I’m happily one step closer to kicking that bucket now!