K&B | San Francisco Treasure Island Waterfront Surprise Proposal

Although they live in Arizona now, K&B visit San Francisco often, and Treasure Island is their special spot. K had the perfect proposal planned out months in advance: he’d walk down the Avenue of the Palms waterfront with his girlfriend, enjoying the San Francisco Bay breeze and looking at the beautiful city skyline view as the sun set over Marin before dropping to one knee and proposing.

Well, as Murphy’s Law would have it, there was actually an accident on the Bay Bridge which delayed them by more than 30 minutes on the big day — well past sunset and into the darkness. As a result, instead of a long stroll upon arrival, they quickly made their way straight to the spot where he asked the question.

And you know what? Everything was absolutely perfect. A sunny backdrop seems like a trivial detail compared to the joy of agreeing to join two lives together, and it makes us so happy to see that emotion shine through in the photos. Plus, there was a silver lining: the city in the background was lit up at night!

Congrats to K&B, and we hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we do 🙂