Matt & Jessica | San Francisco Lovers’ Lane Presidio Wood Line Surprise Proposal

When Matt told me about his proposal plan involving two dogs, I knew this was going to be a challenging shoot, but this combination of dogs and a proposal, two of my favorite things, is pretty much off-the-charts awesome. I was as excited then to meet them and their pups as I am now to share these photos!

I can hardly believe how swimmingly smoothly this went. After a lunch in the Presidio, Matt & Jessica took a walk over to Andy Goldsworthy’s Wood Line (right next to Lovers’ Lane… and so much more picturesque, if you ask me). It’s a quick stroll from one end to the other, just a few minutes, and when they got to the other end, the surprise was revealed to Jessica: with the help of their dog walker, their adorable Rottweiler and Bernese Mountain Dog were waiting behind a big tree to very excitedly say hi — and watch their parents get engaged!

I especially love the photo of the two pups looking intently at their parents, and the other one where Lilly’s looking back at me as if saying, “hey photographer guy, are you seeing this??”

Take a look at this great surprise proposal story, and a photo of the happy family, in these photos below!