Michelle & Austin’s Oceanside Save-the-Date Photos

The best photo sessions are like this one, where I feel like I’m just playing with a puppy on a beach the whole time. Michelle & Austin brought along their little black lab puppy Goomba to the shoot and he was such a CUTE little delight! He was a little scared of the ocean sounds, so that’s why you see him being carried in some of the photos, haha. If only every engagement photo shoot could be like this one! [ read more … ]

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Savauna & J’s Foggy Point Lobos Engagement Session | Monterey Photographer

Weather can be a funny thing. As I was driving down from San Francisco for Savauna & J’s Point Lobos engagement session, the skies were perfectly clear and sunny. It wasn’t until I started to turn into the park that the thick fog suddenly creeped up on me!

But it’s actually kind of interesting, as all the fog gives the scene a peaceful, serene feel, and by fading everything else away, it naturally focuses all the attention on where it should be — Savauna & J! [ read more … ]

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Vivian | Los Gatos Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Meet one-week-old Vivian! She is such a great little model with a good temper and she sure knows how to smile at the camera! Bonnie and Judson were constantly amazed by Vivian’s daily change. Let’s see… Vivian lost her umbilical stump to reveal her new belly button on the day of the photo shoot, and she had just learned to put fingers (sometime her whole little hand) into her mouth and make funny sounds with it. She has so many facial expressions and I got some really cute ones!

Bonnie and Jud’s puppy, Miss Georgia, joined us at the end of the session and she was soooo happy but very gentle towards Vivian — it melted my heart! She gave out lots of sweet kisses and we got some great family pictures for the four of them 🙂

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Doug & Liz’s Save-the-Date Photos at Baker Beach | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

We strolled around Baker Beach for some fun photo time with Doug, Liz, and their handsome Corgi mix, Tank. Doug and Liz are an outdoorsy couple who love craft beer, so for their engagement session, we photographed them sitting on the beach watching the sunset, drinking their beloved craft beer in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, and running around playing with Tank! [ read more … ]

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Silver the Husky at the Stanford Oval | Bay Area Pet Photography

Our friend Perry moved to the Bay Area from Seattle three months ago, and this was our first time meeting Silver the husky! We’ve seen so many adorable photos of her on Perry’s Facebook page so when Perry told us he wanted a photo session for Silver, David and I were thrilled!

We spent an hour at the Stanford Oval, and despite the many distractions from people throwing frisbees and kicking soccer balls, we managed to get many cute and silly shots of Silver.

Silver is a big cuddler and she gave me lots of kisses!! I’ve included a photo of me and her at the end. These are some of our favs, please enjoy!

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