Michelle & Austin’s Oceanside Save-the-Date Photos

The best photo sessions are like this one, where I feel like I’m just playing with a puppy on a beach the whole time. Michelle & Austin brought along their little black lab puppy Goomba to the shoot and he was such a CUTE little delight! He was a little scared of the ocean sounds, so that’s why you see him being carried in some of the photos, haha. If only every engagement photo shoot could be like this one!

Despite the overcast weather, I had a great time with the three of them and came out with a lot of fun photos. It was a bit of a blessing since Sutro Baths ended up super empty that afternoon, and it helped a lot with getting a good variety of shots, especially with Goomba 🙂 We even got to go down to the beach. I can’t wait to get even more beautiful photos of these two at their wedding next year!