Savauna & J’s Foggy Point Lobos Engagement Session | Monterey Photographer

Weather can be a funny thing. As I was driving down from San Francisco for Savauna & J’s Point Lobos engagement session, the skies were perfectly clear and sunny. It wasn’t until I started to turn into the park that the thick fog suddenly creeped up on me!

But it’s actually kind of interesting, as all the fog gives the scene a peaceful, serene feel, and by fading everything else away, it naturally focuses all the attention on where it should be — Savauna & J! These two were such perfect models. Oh, and their pup Lyon was the cutest little puppy in front of the camera. Let it be known, engagement shoots with puppies are my favorite thing ever. Well, maybe second to weddings with puppies… hint hint 😀

These two sweethearts are getting married this summer, and we’re really looking forward to it!