Michael & Cindy’s Surprise Proposal in the Berkeley Hills

Of all the places in the Bay Area we’ve been to (and we’ve been to a lot!), this spot in the Berkeley Hills is definitely among the most private, scenic, and special. But that’s not our favorite part of Michael’s proposal to Cindy. What we loved most is the level of personal detail — this was the spot where he had told her he loved her [ read more … ]

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Nate & Amanda | Berkeley Grizzly Peak San Francisco Bay View Proposal

To help with planning his proposal, Nate enlisted the help of his good friends Richie & Jenny. They had actually planned another friend’s proposal in the past, so this wasn’t new to them!

A few weeks before the proposal, Richie, Jenny, and I met up in the hills of Berkeley to scout out a location. We found the perfect spot — a beautiful cliffside point overlooking Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Sausalito, and the SF Bay. Basically the whole area around SF. But the day before the proposal went down, they actually went back with Nate and found an even better spot, one totally isolated from sightseers and hikers, and spacious enough to set up a picnic table. [ read more … ]

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