Aaron & Alice’s Berkeley Wedding at The Brazilian Room

We recently had the honor of capturing the next chapter in Aaron and Alice’s love story on a sunny spring day at The Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Their connection was magical, and the venue — a cozy gem nestled amidst towering redwoods — added an extra layer of charm.

Besides their personal connections to UC Berkeley, the city is also where they previously shared their most memorable date. And though their retellings of the story do differ a bit in the details 😅, it was also where Aaron proposed to Alice. So when they decided to tie the knot, there was no doubt in their minds: Berkeley was the place.

After they each prepped for the main event in separate hotel rooms, they headed out for their first look. Aaron sat in the back of the SUV with a “Groom” blindfold on, while Alice sat in the front… which I think served to increase the anticipation! It was only after arriving in the Berkeley hills, at a spot with a panoramic view of the Bay Area, that Aaron took off the blindfold, and the two shared a very sweet moment together which you can see in the photos below.

After arriving at the venue, their short-and-sweet ceremony out on the The Brazilian Room patio included some words from their parents as well as an exchange of their own personal vows, promising to be each other’s partner in adventure. And then came the colorful bubble exit, a whimsical touch that perfectly captured their playful spirits and scattered the sunlight into a thousand floating rainbows. After that, it was an exciting night of fun and celebration!

Congrats Aaron & Alice, we’re so excited to been a part of this amazing day!