Nick & Kyrie’s Marriage Proposal at Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

Easily one of the most emotional marriage proposals we’ve seen, Nick and Kyrie’s took place in the towering redwoods of Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. They both love nature and redwoods in particular, and in order to find the perfect spot, Nick even snuck away one day to scout out the location and make sure that it would be the perfect spot — and it was indeed!

On the big day, Nick and Kyrie made the short hike from the trailhead to the secluded patch of redwoods where we laid in wait, hiding behind some trees in the back. It was only when Nick put down their belongings and held Kyrie’s hands that she knew what was happening. Although we didn’t hear the words that were spoken since we were shooting from a distance, the emotion, excitement, and surprise could all easily be felt. And afterwards, we stepped back to give them a long moment to soak it all in before taking a few more photos for their memories.

Congrats to N&K, and take a look at their beautiful proposal below!