W&L’s Fort Funston Ocean Bluff Surprise Proposal

Early on in their relationship, W&L had spent a carefree and memorable day driving around, enjoying themselves and spending time together. One of the stops that day was Fort Funston, where they shared a beautiful view of the ocean from atop the cliffs. Well, that day came again, but this time, it was very meticulously planned, including the sunset time, the exact location (down to the exact patch of succulents they’d be standing on), and also who would be there — and this time, it was even more memorable.

As the couple walked out of their car to the Fort Funston ocean bluffs, she had no idea what was going to happen… until he started recounting his fond memory of that day they shared at the same place a few years ago. As he talked about their relationship and their time together, we could see the emotions start to bubble out, and we feel so lucky to have witnessed such a special moment. After he ended by asking the question, she said yes (several times!), and their friends popped out of hiding to congratulate and celebrate with them.

Check out a few photos below that tell the story!