Gaurang & Sanchi’s Ocean Cliffside Marriage Proposal

Sanchi had always wanted to get engaged by the ocean, and Gaurang worked hard to make it happen. There was just one problem: they live in landlocked Colorado, so it would be tough… but they did have a trip planned to visit some friends in San Jose, so Gaurang started to put together the surprise. He decided on Fort Funston, which offers beautiful cliffside views and a relatively quiet, private space quite unlike a lot of the busier beaches nearby. [ read more … ]

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Deepan & Anitha’s Fort Funston Sunset Surprise Proposal

Over the course of the past several weeks, Deepan planned out his proposal to Anitha, and after considering several possible options, he decided on a Fort Funston sunset surprise proposal. Fort Funston, besides being situated on a strikingly beautiful stretch of cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean [ read more … ]

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Mark & Cynthia’s Fort Funston Surprise Proposal

Fort Funston is an absolutely beautiful place to go for a walk and enjoy the sunset. Down on the beach, up on the cliffs, and everywhere in between, it’s all incredibly picturesque. For his Fort Funston proposal, Mark actually introduced us to a new spot, Battery Davis. It’s an old battery that doesn’t look too special at first, but walk through and you’ll be greeted with a beautiful (and quiet!) view of the Pacific Ocean from up on the cliffside. It was here that Mark chose to make his special moment with Cynthia, where he gave a lovely speech and asked her to marry him.

I was too far away to hear what Cynthia said, but I think I can guess. [ read more … ]

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