Eric & Rachel’s Double Proposal at the Palace of Fine Arts

Here’s a short story of a completely unforgettable proposal: Eric brought Rachel over to the Palace of Fine Arts earlier this month for a short walk around the pond while on their way to a Good Old War concert. As they stopped to enjoy the view of the majestic architecture, he turned to face her and started to give a well-prepared, heartfelt speech about the two of them, their past, and their future together. He then told her that they actually weren’t there for a concert, and sang part of a Good Old War song as he pulled out a ring and got down on one knee to propose!

And that’s the end of most surprise proposals. But not this one. Rachel had quietly been preparing for this moment, and hidden in her jacket was a folded-up piece of paper onto which she had written a speech of her own! She immediately reciprocated the gesture, getting down on one knee as well, and presented Eric with a ring that had been waiting with her for this very moment.

And of course, there were yeses all around.

A beautiful double proposal story for a beautiful couple!