Marcus & Maggie’s Surprise Proposal at Crissy Field East Beach

Marcus and Maggie came to San Francisco earlier this month for a special trip — a visit to their past, to the city where their relationship grew together — but also, unbeknownst to Maggie, a trip into their future. Marcus had been planning this for a long time, and when the big day came, despite the storm clouds lurking overhead, he went ahead with the plan. The two of them took a walk along the Crissy Field East Beach, a path they had taken many times before and a special place they shared as a couple, before stopping by the water for a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Maggie was elated, and we could see (and hear) her absolutely beaming with joy when Marcus got down on one knee. And that wasn’t all! Afterwards, they headed to a second surprise, this time with their families waiting to celebrate together.

We’re so happy for M&M. Congrats to the happy couple!