Abirán & Ana’s San Francisco Downtown Surprise Proposal

San Francisco is a popular destination for travelers from all across the globe who come to enjoy the sights, culture, and history. But for Abirán and Ana, their visit here last week was much more than just a memorable trip; it’s become one of the most special and defining moments of their relationship together, marked by a beautiful San Francisco downtown surprise proposal.

Originally, Abirán had actually wanted to do this over towards the west side of San Francisco, on a beach with an iconic Golden Gate Bridge view. But as the morning turned into afternoon and the skies grew darker and darker, it became clear that the weather wasn’t cooperative — it was uncharacteristically foggy (for this time of year) across the entire city, and the fog wasn’t letting up. We made a last-minute decision to switch to Pier 7 instead, and luckily, we got just enough sunlight over on this side of the city for some beautiful golden hour photos of this precious moment. The rest is history! Congrats to A&A on this very special moment together in downtown SF!