McKenna & Izzy’s Surprise Proposal in the San Francisco Woods

McKenna had been secretly scheming this proposal to her girlfriend Izzy for months, and by the time the day finally came, every little detail had been meticulously planned. The two were on a trip together to San Francisco when, all according to plan, they visited Lovers’ Lane in the morning. Happily walking down the winding path together, McKenna playfully spun Izzy around, and in one fluid motion, she pulled out the ring box that was hiding in her waistline. We had to look at the photos a bunch of times to figure out what actually happened here… and then looked at them again just to appreciate how smooth this was!

Izzy was incredibly surprised — so surprised, in fact, that she told McKenna “do it again!” This was one of the happiest, most emotional proposals we’ve seen, and we loved every second of it. Congrats to M&I!