Noah & Liana’s Evening Proposal at Pier 7

Noah and Liana have had an international trip planned for a while — in fact, I’m pretty sure they’re in Costa Rica as I write this — but that’s not where he decided to surprise her with a proposal. After all, that’d be too easy for her to guess, right? So Noah planned to take Liana out to dinner on the Embarcadero a week prior to their departure, and just before their reservation time, they took a walk along the wooden walkway — and that’s where he surprised her with an evening proposal at Pier 7.

As they made their way down the pier, directly behind them was the golden hour sun, setting over the downtown skyline and the Transamerica Pyramid. Shortly before reaching the end of the pier, Noah stopped to give a short speech, knelt down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. And she said yes!